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2011-10-04 02:32:21 by XAnE

Hello random people reading my post.
Some of you are thinking why the hell am i reading this.......maybe most of you.
Well to let you know this is my post for reviewing things, nothing specificaly just things I feel need to be reviewed.

To start off my reviews I would like to review the NBC tv show Community.
Community stars Joel McHale as a overly sarcastic laywer who gets caught with a fake law degree and has to attend community college. The show follows him Jeff (McHale) and six other misfits who all form a study groop, and a crazy spanish teacher (played be Ken Jeong from The Hangover) who longs to be a part of the groop. Community is in its 3rd season and thats pretty impressive cause the first 2 seasons were 25 and 24 episodes.

The show mainly revolves around Jeff but frequently follows the other cast members as the have their own side adventures. This brings to attention that even though Joel McHale is amazing he isnt the most talented actor on set, Donald Glover plays the former quarterback of Riverside High who lost his scollarship due to breaking his arms in a keg flip. Donald Glover is definetly the next great comedian of our time.

So in closing if you havent seen Community by now you have missed out on alot, and further more you have missed out on seeing an old, chubby, balding Chevy Chase. Community has its first season on netflix so I recomend you at least watch the first episode, and if you dont laugh at least four times then im sorry for waisting your time.